About Us

About Us

Here at Canis Computer Laboratories we focus on the user. Whether for work or for play, you need your system to exceed expectation. With over ten years of industry experience we know what it takes to get you across the finish line. With full deployment and long-term support we’re here to keep you moving forward.

Whether commercial, or residential, Canis Computer Laboratories knows how to build the systems that will suit your needs. From specialized computational servers to workstations and high-end gaming machines, if you can imagine it; we can build it.

We take data seriously. Our internal architecture ensures minimal downtime, including maintenance schedules, ensuring that your data is accessible when you need it. Hardware is replaceable, your irretrievable files are not. Our cold storage* architecture protects your data from unauthorized access while also safeguarding from potential intrusion. When you store your files with Canis Computer Laboratories, you don’t have to trust us. We use state-of-the art encryption technology with smart hardware keys and password protected redundancy to ensure that your information is secure from all parties; including ourselves.

We believe that data protection isn’t about trust, it’s about freedom. Freedom to select who has access to your most crucial information, freedom to revoke that access, and freedom to modify those restrictions at will.

With Canis Computer Laboratories, the key is in your hands. We just protect the safe.